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Victory over subfloor day!

Well after some wrangling and lots of fiddly work the trailer subfloor is officially nailed (actually screwed) down. Now that’s over with the real work begins, framing.

The initial shipment of framing lumber came in today with almost 50 2x4x10’s and enough sheathing to cover the entire exterior, plus some extras in case of any apprentice mistakes.

Now the real challenge for me is tying together the 2 dozen Youtube videos I’ve watched about wall framing in order to make something that vaguely looks like four walls. In an effort to make that easier (and avoid any obvious “oops” moments) I decided to make a complete CAD model using Autodesk Inventor’s frame generator tool.


More gratuitous floor shots

After defining some common lumber sizes I started laying out the frame using sketches to drive the stud placement. I’m still getting the hang of the frame generator especially after the boondoggle that was installing Microsoft Office, which inventor requires in order to define custom parts (like my dimensional lumber). Note to software developers: unless the software you are depending on is free, don’t rely on the fact that your users will have it installed, lord knows Inventor costs a fair chunk of change, now they want you to have Office as well?!

House Framing

This is the frame in its early stages, I still have to fill in three walls and trim some studs to length

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