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Victory over subfloor day!

Well after some wrangling and lots of fiddly work the trailer subfloor is officially nailed (actually screwed) down. Now that’s over with the real work begins, framing.


Trailer and Flooring Woes

Getting the subfloor on the trailer has proved to be somewhat of a fussy and infuriating experience. After first finding out that two 4×8′ plywood underlay sheets place side by side with one edge square to the trailer facia board (exactly as called for in Tumbleweeds plans, see photo) would not actually reach over to the other side (leaving a sizable ~3in gap). (more…)

To make an apple pie from scratch….

…you must first create the universe  – Carl Sagan.

And with that famous quote we begin (what I hope is) a series of reasonably funny, interesting, and educational posts, chronicling my journey building a tiny house from close to scratch.